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The Hapkido College of Australia is a Martial Arts organisation dedicated to teaching excellence in Self-Defence, Fitness and Discipline to improve personal development, health and well-being to all ages
Traditional Hapkido Martial Arts for Self Defense and Fitness

A practical and authentic self defence curriculum that will help turn a complete beginner into a martial arts master. With extensive experience in various styles of martial arts and networks in the industry, we also offer supplementary courses in Weapons, Trick Kicks/Gymnastics. These additional courses offer the opportunity to test your limits and further discovery in the martial arts journey. HCA has a solid foundation of students and instructors, strong affiliations, dedicated staff, a motivated Black Belt Team and a dynamic Demonstration Team. We look forward to training with you and moving forward to a bright future for Hapkido and Korean Martial Arts in Sydney and Australia.

  • Free trial Lesson

    HCA offers a free trial lesson for you to get a taste of what we have to offer.

  • Demonstration Team

    The HCA Eagles are an exciting and talented hapkido demonstration team. If you wish to have the Eagles perform at your event, click the above link to find out more about what they can do.

  • Become a HCA Affilliate

    HCA is branching out with franchises in Rydalmere and Belrose. Find out more about becoming a member of our College.

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