HCA invites Grand Master Jeog Un! ‘The Way of War of the Zen’ – Sun Mu Do Seminar!

Sunmudo seminar posterSun Mu Do envelopes the dynamic movements of a martial art into the peaceful practices of meditation, yoga and chi gong (internal breathing) exercises. The HCA Team was able to keep a great relationship on their previous trip to Korea whilst experiencing their Sunmudo Training Program. Through discussion, Grand Master Jeog Un has kindly offered to hold a Seminar at our location, and we have decided to accept this rare opportunity and have also planned to share this opportunity with other Martial Artists in Australia! Grand Master Jeog Un is well known across the States and amongst the European Martial Arts Community. Don’t miss this rare¬†chance!

– Nourishes both the body and mind through the opening and flowing of internal energy or Ki.

– Increases concentration, memory and body control

– Smoothes out physical imbalance and increases fexibility

– Opens joints and corrects spinal problems.

Learn the way of Bodily Control and Ki Manipulation!

We will be only accepting a maximum of 40 entrants in total for this seminar.

So hurry! Before places are full!

The Seminar will take place from 2pm to 4pm, a total of 2 hours.

If you are interested, please contact us and book a spot at 9747 0822.


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