Demonstration Team


The HCA Eagles Demonstration team

EagleThe HCA Eagles are the elite representatives of our college. Through consistent and dedicated training since early 2014, the Eagles have developed into an experienced and professional demonstration team, ready to showcase their dynamic and breath-taking skills at all kinds of events.

With the goal to become the best Hapkido demonstration team in Australia and one day the world, we strive for nothing less than greatness.





Have us perform for YOU

The HCA Eagles would love to perform at your event, please email with details of your request and we will get right back to you!


Join the Demonstration Team!

“Take your training to the next level”

Dynamic and exciting classes that combine it all – martial art self defence, advanced falling, acrobatics and weapons put together to thrill an audience. Learn new techniques and well round your skills in all areas of martial arts demonstration. Be part of an encouraging team that will help build your confidence and courage to take charge of an audience and display your martial art skills. Join the thrill and travel the world with us!

To get involved you must first achieve the Intermediate (Green Belt) level then make a request to the demonstration team captain, Evan Wong.


Evan Wong Demo Photo

Evan Wong:

• 2nd Degree Hapkido (KHF)

• Studies Commerce/Law at UNSW

• Founder & CEO of Hero Education

• Marketing Director of UNSW Business Society (2014)


• Vice-President of UNSW Business Society (2015)

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