Instructor Courses

The ultimate level of intense training and technical philosophy! By beginning to teach, one will begin to learn alot more about themselves and double the speed of their learning. The HCA Instructor course will drive you beyond limits you never thought possible. Your fitness will increase, skills will be polished and you will be a role model within the martial arts community. By completing the HCA Instructor course you will also have the experience and knowledge to start your own school.

Teaching will double the speed of your learning.

As a HCA Instructor you are not only an expression of this college but more importantly the art of Hapkido, an art that Master Kim hold close to their heart. The first step is be interviewed by the HCA Master Kim. Experienced martial artists who are interested but have not trained in Hapkido are also welcome to come and discuss options with the masters, simply email us your enquiry.

Joining the HCA instructor team will affiliate your profile with the best national and international organisations. Read more on affiliations and friendship organisations.

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