Similar to most martial arts, our grades are designated by a coloured belt worn around the waist. Before the twentieth century, most belts were colourless. Students were prohibited from washing their belts, therefore the belt grew progressively darker as a result of sweat and grime until it eventually resembled a blackish colour. Once you achieve your black belt, as you continue to train for many years the black material starts to wear off and age, gradually becoming white again. This signifies that we start with purity, learning the basics and we end in the same manner…

Each HCA grading is important and well-structured with the focus on traditional etiquette, form and attitude. Encouragement is given to our students during each grading.

There are a number of key areas, ticked off via a curriculum guide that each student must be able to demonstrate before being invited to grade under our Masters.

The importance of grading reflects in the growth and abilities that each student has learnt. After a grading, the student will be able to better identify what areas of improvement are needed. A monthly grading is held at our full time studio.

Hapkido Grading

Grading is held monthly on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Please refer to the News section for more info

The meaning of each belt is as follows:











A Black Belt is a White Belt who never gave up

Achieving a black belt level simply symbolises that the student has now learnt a range of techniques, and through fitness and discipline has developed into a stronger individual. The first degree black belt consists of roughly 350 hours of training. It is only after this level that the student will develop a more complete understanding with further studies and training. The next steps are to progress through the Degree (Dan) levels.

Black Belt Degrees (Dan)

  • 1st Dan
  • 2nd Dan (Intern Instructor)
  • 3rd Dan (Instructor)
  • 4th Dan (Head Instructor)
  • 5th Dan (Master)
  • 6th Dan
  • 7th Dan (Master Instructor)
  • 8th Dan
  • 9th Dan (Grand Master)


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