History of the College

Our Mission

The Hapkido College of Australia (HCA) is a Martial Arts organisation dedicated to teaching excellence in Self-Defence, Fitness and Discipline to improve personal development, health and well-being to all ages.

An Authentic and Experienced Korean Master.
Specialised Classes and Courses to suit any age or gender.
Professional and Certified Curriculum Guides.


The foundation of HCA dates back to February 1999 when our motivated master, Young Kil Kim began as the head martial art instructor at the Australian College of Sports teaching Taekwondo and Hapkido to college students who were looking to complete a Diploma in Sports Coaching. Later, in early 2000 they opened their first dojang in Surry Hills, Sydney.

They appeared in the national martial arts demonstration team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics featuring channel 7 and 10 appearances.


By 2003 the masters moved forward opening Young’s Martial Arts in Homebush, Sydney expanding their foundations and built a strong establishment of students and instructors, some of whom have taken up employment and opened their own dojangs through the HCA Instructor system



Together through the Korea Hapkido Federation they have designed a practical and authentic self defence curriculum that will help turn a complete beginner into a martial arts master. With their extensive experience in various styles of martial arts and networks in the industry, they also offer supplementary courses in Weapons,Grappling and Trick Kicks/Gymnastics. These additional courses offer the opportunity to test your limits and further discovery in the martial arts journey.

Today HCA consists of a solid foundation of students and instructors, strong affiliations, dedicated staff, a motivated Black Belt Team and a dynamic Demonstration Team.

We look forward to training with you and moving forward to a bright future for Hapkido and Korean Martial Arts in Australia.

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