Our Master and Instructors

Master Yong Kil Kim

Master Kim, Hapkido Collage of Australia (HCA). Master Young Kil Kim

Master Yong Kil Kim


8th Dan Hapkido
4th Dan Hwal Bup (Pressure Point and Chiropractic Studies)
4th Dan Gumdo (Sword)
Certified Sports Master Instructor
2nd Dan Gongkwon Yusul
Sports Massage Master
2005 Appearance in Blockbuster Movie “Stealth
2000 Began his first Hapkido school in Australia – Surry Hills, Sydney
2000 Olympic Games demonstration team (Channel 7 & 10 Appearances)
1999 Australian College of Sports Instructor
1979 Began Hapkido training in Incheon, South Korea

Our friendly Master originates from South Korea and has over 30 years experience in studying and teaching various martial arts, predominantly Hapkido.

He has strong affiliations with Hapkido’s largest organisation – the Korea Hapkido Federation, which ensures purity and unity for our college. Master Kim is commended by many Korean and Australian martial artists alike for constructing a traditional, professional and effective training curriculum for all ages!

Our Certified Instructors

Head Instructor Leo Jeong


4th Dan Hapkido
Certified Instructor of Sesung Kwan (Sistership School)
2017 Began a Head Instructor Internship at HCA

Leo began his Hapkido journey at age 4 at Sesung Kwan in South Korea and currently holds a 4th degree Black Belt after 18 years of experience. As of 2017, he brought his experience and knowledge to share with us here at HCA as well as learn from Master Kim in developing his own skills and teaching methods on his journey towards 5th Dan Master Black Belt.

He teaches children as young as 4 years old all the way through to adults in their 60s and 70s and commands the respect and discipline of all his students thanks to his dedication and passion towards the Art of Hapkido.

Leo is a Full-Time Certified Instructor and co-manages HCA Yarrawarrah with Intern Instructor Craig Mclauchlan, as well as assisting Master with teaching classes at HCA Croydon Headquarters.

Instructor Kervin Antonio

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3rd Dan Hapkido
Certified Instructor at HCA Belrose

With 15 years of martial arts experience, Kervin currently holds a 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido and is a certified instructor. Kervin is the longest standing instructor at HCA and teaches students as young as 6 years old to youth and adults.

He has a passion for bringing out the best in his students, tailoring his teaching style to suit each students skill and learning ability. Kervin’s first experiences with teaching began with teaching kids at tennis camps and further refined while studying martial arts under Master Kim.

On his martial arts journey, he has trained in several different forms of martial arts and has a love for all forms of martial arts. This has given him a good understanding of the many styles, further enhancing his teaching by having a balanced perspective. What you will find is that he will tailor the movement to suit your own body.

Intern Instructor Ben Walker



2nd Dan Hapkido
Certified Instructor at HCA Ermington West
Captain of the HCA Falcons Demonstration Team

David Nguyen



3rd Dan Hapkido
Certified Instructor at HCA West Hoxton

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