About Us

About Us

A Passion for a History of Excellence

About Us

The Hapkido College of Australia is a Martial Arts organisation dedicated to teaching excellence in Self-Defence, Fitness and Discipline to improve personal development, health and well-being to all ages.

What do we do

We provide a practical and authentic self defence curriculum that will help turn a total beginner become a master of martial arts. With extensive experience in various styles of martial arts and networks in the industry, we offer supplementary courses in Weapons and Tricking/Gymnastics. These additional courses offer the opportunity to test your limits and further discovery in the martial arts journey. HCA has a solid foundation of students and instructors, strong affiliations, dedicated staff, a motivated Black Belt Team and a dynamic Demonstration Team. We look forward to training with you and moving forward to a bright future for Hapkido and Korean Martial Arts in Sydney and Australia.

Our Philosophy

All martial arts are created of a philosophy linked to particular techniques. At HCA, philosophy is an important part of the curriculum as success in martial arts is more mental than physical.


Hapkido’s purpose is essentially expressed in its name “the way of co-ordinated energy”. meaning of hapkido

The literal definition of Hapkido

Hap – meaning “co-ordination of harmony”, Ki – meaning “energy” or “power”, Do – meaning “the way”.

Belief System

Hapkido training is a path to physical health, fitness, confidence, mental well-being, spiritual progress, and character excellence. The mind and body are prepared for life's obstacles and challenges through rigors physical exercise and textual philosophy. A passive and tranquil nature results from confidence in one's ability to avoid violence.

The moral values taught in Hapkido and here at HCA are similar to the values stressed in society as a whole:

Tenets of Hapkido Hapkido aims to achieve, Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.

School Theme We are a traditional school, we are dedicated, motivated and quest for the best

To learn more about the mannerism we teach at HCA please check out our blog!

Sparring Philosophy Hapkido does not in any way promote street fighting. Sparring, however is an area where our spiritual strengths and weaknesses are revealed (anger, egotism, jealousy etc.). In this respect, sparring not only improves physical skills but purifies spiritual and emotional values as well.

Technical Principles

Hapkido’s techniques are based on the following principles. For a technical overview of what we teach at HCA please visit our blog!

Redirection of Force

In Hapkido, an attack is not met straight on. Power against power, preferred in “hard styles” is discouraged as it increases the risk of injury. In Hapkido an attacker’s power is used against them, by manipulating the attackers balance or redirecting their energy you increase the efficiency of your own technique.

Flow of Movement

Hapkido techniques are distinguished by a constant flow of strikes, blocks, locks and throws. Movement is constant and may incorporate circular and spinning actions. By constantly varying body movement you become more difficult to target and are much more likely to disorient and frustrate your opponent.

Circular Movements

Many Hapkido techniques are made up of circular movements. Large or small circles can be seen in the motions of strikes, blocks, joint locks, chokes, takedowns and throws. Circles can also be seen in footwork and general body movements.

Live Hand

The term “Live Hand” refers to the specific hand formations which are used to increase the flow of Ki into the arms. This will increase arm strength and power when required, such as during a wrist escape or application of a joint lock. Live Hands assist in many strikes, blocks, locks and throws, they are also used in breathing exercises. A typical live hand formation is an open hand spreading the fingers wide and slightly bending the finger tips inwards. The hand on the Korea Hapkido Federation logo is also another formation of a live hand when executing joint locks, throws and weapon techniques.live hand

Use of Live Hand