Kervin Antonio
Kervin Antonio

Kervin is the Main Instructor at our Belrose Studio. With over 20 years of martial arts experience, Kervin currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido and is a certified instructor. Kervin is the longest standing instructor at HCA and teaches students as young as 6 years old to youth and adults.

He has a passion for bringing out the best in his students, tailoring his teaching style to suit each students skill and learning ability. Kervin’s first experiences with teaching began with teaching kids at tennis camps and further refined while studying martial arts under Master Kim.

On his martial arts journey, he has trained in several different forms of martial arts and has a love for all forms of martial arts. This has given him a good understanding of the many styles, further enhancing his teaching by having a balanced perspective. What you will find is that he will tailor the movement to suit your own body.

His role as the Main Instructor of HCA Belrose involves:

  • Planning and Teaching Children's, Youth and Adult classes at HCA Belrose
  • Determining student eligibility for grading
  • Student Acquisition at HCA Belrose
  • Reporting student data to Master and the Administration Assistant at HCA Croydon