Hapkido College of Australia

Hapkido College of Australia

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Croydon is our main studio located on Parramatta Rd. Here we offer, Little Tigers, Children Classes, Youth Classes, Adult Classes, Private Lessons, School Courses and Birthday Parties. Learn more about our Croydon Studio or our Services

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Mon May 27 2024

Pattern Week!!!

From Monday 27th May to Satuday 1st June we will be focusing on Patterns (Movements and Forms) in class.

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Hapkido College of Australia is a Martial Arts organisation dedicated to teaching excellence in Self-Defence, Fitness and Discipline to improve personal development, health and well-being to all ages.

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Raphael Bedwani

Amazing. Has helped me grow in confidence, strength and fitness. The instructors are always there to help!

Raphael Bedwani

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